An Aligned Warrior 

Obstacles reveal opportunities; and there is no better place than the legal arena.

Stephanie Sherman is a true advocate helping individuals get access to justice.  Stephanie's practice includes serious injury, cancer, assault/abuse, mental health malpractice, fraud, discrimination, and wrongful death cases.  Stephanie has a background in cognitive psychology and philosophy and is known for understanding and expressing the complexities of trauma and the human experience to thoughtfully guide clients and present their best case. Her unique style, integrity, wisdom, and skill has given her a respected reputation among lawyers and judges around the country.  She also collaborates with lawyers from around the country to build the best team for her cases.  

With twenty years of experience, Stephanie has successfully fought the largest companies in the world resulting in millions of dollars in awards.  "I view my clients as teammates and strongly value their input.  They are the experts in their experience, and I am the guide on their path to justice.  My job is to lead and stand with them."

Stephanie is a Texas top 100 civil trial attorney as recognized by the National Association of Trials Lawyers.