"She Relentlessly Pursued My Case!"

In February of last year I was released from the hospital after undergoing major surgeries. I had contracted a parasite while in custody of Wichita County. A month later Covid went into full effect. My search for a lawyer appeared fruitless. By faith God led me to Stephanie Sherman and she took my case. Then I learned about the difficulty of having a civil rights case in Texas. Nevertheless, she never gave up even when the going got tough. Stephanie Sherman is smart, professionally and caring which kept me from giving up. She has relentlessly pursued my case and the finish line is near. I would strongly suggest to anyone needing an attorney to give this young, strong and aggressive lawyer a chance. Thank you Stephanie Sherman for everything. One day I believe she will be recognized as being one of the best. I will be able to proudly say "she represented me." Great success I bid you.

– J.R., Dallas, Texas

Baum Hedlund