She Has Zero Fear Fighting Powerful Companies!

I was viciously attacked and robbed by two Amazon workers and then a bad cop hide the assault with a false report.  Another cop had to intervene and report the officier. No lawyers believed my story and turned me away. I'm sure it's not an easy task going up against giants. She listened to my story- told me it sounds pretty unrealistic but she'd review the video from an eye witness and verify the validity of my claim. Her and her team worked until 11pm the same day drafting a contract to sue them both and she had zero fear of fighting these powerful entities. She wants the bad guys to answer and she cannot be rattled. She has spent her own personal time talking to me when the anxiety this caused got so big I wanted to give up. She reminded me who I was and that we will get it back. She's a whole other level and I can tell you - I wouldn't want to be the lawyer on the other side. 

– L.V., Dallas, Texas

Baum Hedlund