Like Social Media? Here's How It Can Blow Your Case!

Posted by Stephanie Sherman | Jul 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

Everyone uses social media; some use it every day.  Social media creates a causal space to share opinions and life's moments, including things that you would not normally share to a stranger.  Social media creates a false sense of safety where you think you cannot get hurt by posting or sharing strong opinions or private details.

You might also think, because your social media account is private, that it is safe.  This is also false.  Anyone on your social media can take a photo of your post and quickly share it around the world.  Nothing you post on social media is safe, ever.  And, no one in your friend's group should be trusted with your private information, ever.   You must assume that anything and everything you post can be used against you in a current court case, or in a case that might come up in the future, whether it be divorce, child custody, business dispute, defamation, discrimination, or a personal injury case.  You may have “frenemies” just waiting for you to step in the dog doo and make a mistake that can be used against you. You may be a manager at a company that shares strong opinions about the opposite sex, older people, or minorities.  That type of content can end up in a case if the company or you are sued for discrimination.   

The best practices to avoid trouble include:  

  • Locking down and scrubbing your personal social media accounts and making sure they well-insulated from strangers and unknowns.
  • never posting anything negative about anyone, or any entity unless you are willing to defend it in a lawsuit filed against you. Forget the First Amendment, this is a financial decision to choose not to have to hire a lawyer to defend you for a post you made. 
  • Do not post anything about any claim, accident, or case you are currently involved in.     
  • If you are in a personal injury lawsuit, do not post any photos, or any current information that describes or relates to your health, work, activities, income, vacations, or abilities that can be used to discredit your injuries. It is guaranteed that the bad guys and their insurance companies are scouring the internet to find things to use against you. 

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