Other Environmental Exposure


Sherman Law has been litigating environmental exposure cases for more than 20 years.  The types of environmental exposure cases handled by Sherman Law include:

  • Illnesses caused by lead poisoning, toxic mold problems, or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Significant burn injuries caused by chemical spills or explosions.
  • Serious illness due to long-term exposure to solvents, asbestos, silicates, polyvinyl chlorides, mercury, and other industrial chemicals and materials.
  • Sickness due to exposure to radioactive substances such as radon, barium, thorium, or other materials often used in clinical settings.
  • Diseases caused by exposure to soil or groundwater toxins, often resulting from leaking underground storage tanks for benzene, gasoline, or other dangerous compounds.
  • Illnesses resulting from the careless or reckless use of pesticides or herbicides in agricultural areas.

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