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Sherman Law works with artists, innovators, small business owners, entrepreneurs, start ups, musicians, rappers, emerging public figures, and internet personalities and influencers to protect their brand, art, business, and intellectual property. If you are in a highly competitive market, you want to make sure others aren't making money off your brand. Sherman Law can help get your brand protected from copycats by establishing your trademark. A trademark for your brand is registered through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Registering your trademark protects you from infringement, copying, or imitating your trademark by your competitors. Trademark registration is the cheapest and smartest way to create exclusive rights to the originality of your brand and also helps build your brand's value and marketability. Don't wait. Others may be following you and can jump ahead and get your mark registered and even take your brand if not properly protected. The registration process takes some time as there are hurdles that need to be cleared before the trademark receives final approval and can be published. Call Stephanie Sherman if you are ready to move forward.


Insurers have a contractual obligation to cover what you pay them to cover. But, many of them deny coverage forcing the insured to take legal action or walkaway. If your insurance company has denied you coverage, you may have a bad faith or breach of contract claim. Call Stephanie Sherman if you think you have a claim.

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