Small Business Legal Counsel


Small businesses often neglect the legal side of their business which can lead to problems and unnecessary expenses later.  Sherman Law can help you protect your small business and avoid legal trouble by reducing risk, minimizing liability, and ensuring your business agreements and relationships are in line with your best interests. 

Reducing Risk

As a small business owner you need to make sure you are protected against risk and liabilities.  Sherman Law can help you develop agreements, contracts, forms, and procedures to help you reduce risk, minimize liability, and establish rights and privileges of business relationships. 

Minimize Liability

Sherman Law is skilled in litigating disputes.  If you face a potential dispute or need a lawyer to help you recover for breach of contract or interference with an existing contract or business relationship, Sherman Law can help you fight or resolve the issue. Additionally, Sherman Law can help you distinguish protocols such as sexual harassment and discrimination polices in advance to prevent future litigations from occurring or escalating.

Business Relationships

Sherman Law can help define business terms of service and contract language that restrict your liability in the event of a legal claim, and can also help you establish formal legal documents that govern relationships across the organization. This way, you know what you owe to your partners, employees, vendors, customers or clients and their deliverables in return. 

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